The University of Tokyo Centrer for Middle Eastrn Studies Sultan Qaboos Chair in Middle Eastern Studies

Exploring Vulnerability and Agency through Women’s Networks in Saudi Arabia

With Professor Wafa Al-Tuwaijri, a specialist on gender issues in Saudi Arabia, we will consider the significance of Saudi women’s weekend gatherings that help build and maintain their networks, and explore the mechanism of Saudi women’s agency and vulnerability.

Date 20th January, 2015
Time 13:00pm-15:00pm
Venue Collaboration Room 3, 4th Floor, Building 18,
Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo
Address: 3-8-1, Komaba, Meguroku, Tokyo, 153-8902

Speaker Dr. Namie Tsujigami (Project Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Commentator Dr. Wafa Al-Tuwaijri (Associate Professor, Imam Mohammed University)

Language English
Free Admission
This study is supported by The University of Tokyo Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (UTCMES), Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity (IHS), The University of Tokyo, and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 26283001 and 26703003.
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