The University of Tokyo Centrer for Middle Eastrn Studies Sultan Qaboos Chair in Middle Eastern Studies

Migration and Migrants in the Middle East

I : Premodern Period
Yohei Kondo (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Tatsuya Kikuchi (the University of Tokyo)
Hidemi Takahashi (the University of Tokyo)

II : Modern Period
Namie Tsujigami (the University of Tokyo)
Hidemitsu Kuroki (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Date Saturday, 30th January 2016
Venue Auditorium,
Administration Office Building (3F), Komaba Campus,
The University of Tokyo
Language Japanese
Contact The University of Tokyo Centre for Middle Eastern Studies
+81 3 5465 7724
The lectures will be in Japanese, free, and open to the public.
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