The University of Tokyo Centrer for Middle Eastrn Studies Sultan Qaboos Chair in Middle Eastern Studies

On the Border of Chalcedon and non-Chalcedon: New Perspective on the History of Medieval Georgian Nobles

International Seminar on the History of Georgia

Aleksandre Boshishvili (Tbilisi State University)
“On the Origin and the Activities of Meliks (Melikishvili Family)”

Tamaz Goguladze (Georgian National Center of Manuscripts/ Ilia State University)
“On the Political and Religious Activities of Baratashvili=Abashishvilis in 17-18th Centuries”

Okropiri Jikuri (Tbilisi State University)
“On the Religious Activities in Medieval Georgia: Gulani Manuscripts as a Historical Source”

Sunday, 25th March 2018
Collaboration Room no. 1
Building no. 18, Komaba Campus,
The University of Tokyo
Open to the public
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